Hanson Search launches a returnship that’s not just for mums

Hanson Search launches a return to work programme that’s not just for mums

London, UK: Hanson Search and sister company The Work Crowd announced this week that they are setting up a return to work programme to get talented people back into the PR, marketing, communications, and creative industries. The programme is called Relaunch! and it differs from most returnships in its target audience. Relaunch! is not only targeting mums looking to get back to work after taking years off to look after the children; the programme is for anyone (men and women) who have taken a career break for one reason or another.

Speaking of the reasons for starting this new programme, Hanson Search and The Work Crowd CEO Alice Weightman said, “'Relaunch!' is a return to work programme with a mission of getting talented people back into rewarding work after a career break. Especially in the PR industry where ageism is a big issue, we must help get experienced and motivated people back, for the benefit of everyone. We all know brilliant, talented people who've disappeared from the workforce for other commitments. And we've heard how difficult it is for them to get back into the game after a few years out. It can be so challenging that many of them simply give up or start over in fields where they've no experience. What a waste of talent!”

Hanson Search and The Work Crowd are partnering with five top agencies and brands in London to run the programme in spring 2018. Hanover is the first partner signed up for Relaunch!, with more to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

They will be accepting applicants from 1 December 2017 through 1 March 2018 who fit the following criteria:

  • Not just for mums! Anyone with over 6 years of relevant professional experience in one of the following areas prior to career break:
    • Marketing/Creative
    • PR/Communications
    • Public Affairs
    • Digital/Social/Content
  • Over 2 years out of work (career break)
  • Seeking regular employment (FT, PT, permanent or flexible)

Call for partners!

If you're interested in joining Relaunch! as a partner, get in touch using the form below. 

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